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GATHERING ASHES, Book Three of the Wonderland Cycle, is complete and all chapters will be distributed to the beta readers today. It will be off to the publisher soon. All my love to you for the support which you have … Continue reading

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Greetings From The Salt Mines

Weeeeelp I am busy getting things going here on the third book of the Wonderland Cycle, which means of course I’m busy going ASDKAFSJAKASDFAASAJKL and trying not to explode. Editing sucks, and yet it is absolutely necessary – I haven’t … Continue reading

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So…Let’s Talk About the NaNo.

Well, it’s November, folks. The leaves are turning, the air grows cooler (except for today, where it’s seventy goddamned degrees in the D.C. area) and hundreds of thousands of eager folks prepare to bust out and do the thirty-one day … Continue reading

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