Found here are short stories and other supplementary material meant to introduce people to my writing and give current readers a better look inside the worlds that I create.  Please feel free to investigate and comment, but always remember that though the material is free to read by the public, it is copyrighted by yours truly.

Wonderland Cycle

  • Anatomy of a Princess (Short Story/Article, ~1250 words)
    A fictional piece of sensationalist journalism (circa 2073) concerning the rising trend of the strange black-market phenomenon called “Princess Dolls”.
  • Razor Child (Short Story, ~5300 words)
    Late one winter night, a party among wealthy university students seems just about over – but a member of Seattle’s ganglife brings new and horrible excitement to the remaining guests.

Red City Tales

  • The Last American Mortal (Short Story, ~4000 words)
    William Bandy has lived like a prisoner in the Red City, and he has seen it rise from the ashes of Los Angeles like a great and bloody phoenix under the command of new and monstrous vampiric lords.  Kept alive against his will, the monstrous Nobility have apparently decided to give him peace – but the last American mortal in the city be allowed the death he so dearly desires, or is it just another cruel game to be played by his immortal tormentors?

General Horror

  • Riding With The Snake (Short Story, ~5500 words)
    Set against the blistering backdrop of West Texas, this little horror tale combines the trope of the mysterious hitchhiker with a mythic twist.  A young man flees west from a bad home and worse prospects, trying to find his way – but out in that bleak, hard country, death lurks in even the friendliest guises.
  • Behold, the Reaper (Flash Fiction, ~1000 words)
    Faced with a hopelessly-spiralling cycle of mutating virii and disease, humanity develops Libertex, the Great Panacea.  But twenty years after the Age of Mortality is gone, it will soon be discovered that even this mighty cure has its side effects…
  • Castalia (Short Story, ~2000 words)
    Just in time for Valentines’ Day, an experimental tale about a writer searching for new inspiration and the beautiful woman who gifts it to him after a torrid night of passion. But you know what they say about getting what you wished for…

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  2. Great list of stories! Will try to read them all :)

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