I Live, I Dev, I Live Again.

Good morning, folks.

So as you know, I’ve been setting up a games company, the full announcement for which will be coming out next week.  It’s been a real haul so far, and we’re only getting started – though, it must be said, friends in the industry have commented that we’re very far ahead for a dev team that’s only been operating for as short a time as we have.  Legal arrangements, getting people on board, all that mess.  I’m the boss – and the first thing the boss learns to embrace in this business is unremitting exhaustion.  I’m so tired most days right now that I think I might see through the veil of reality into other dimensions, which really isn’t any different than when I’m on a tear working on my latest novel only there are a lot more people involved.  Sometimes, I catch myself wondering if I have died, and this shell is merely animated by willpower and consciousness alone, no biological processes save for those that I have fooled myself into believing still exist.

And let me tell you, I love it.

I love the work, I love the story, I love my team.  I love everything about what we’re doing right now, and I even love the exhaustion.  I especially love the exhaustion.  Being this tired and still getting things done, especially within the constraints of the dayjob schedule, just tells me that we aren’t even close to meeting our collective potential…and that is thrilling.  If I ever get a full night’s sleep again, let it be on launch night.  Then we start again.

I live, I dev, I live again.  Shiny and chrome.

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