Wonderland Cycle Complete In 2016

So today is a News Day, apparently.  I wanted to let you fans of the Wonderland Cycle know that 2016 is the year where all your freakin’ dreams come true.  There will be not one, but TWO Wonderland books released next year – Gathering Ashes (vol. 3) will be out in January, while The Disfigured City (vol. 4) will wrap up the year with a December release.  So you can start and end the year in a shower of blood and neon and alien cyborg horror!  Hurray!  As we approach publication date, I will probably bug the shit out of you all with interviews and other information – including promo stuff, worldbuilding details, little things for you guys, and a subscriber program that will pile on extras for you hardest fans – but I anticipate that you will enjoy it.

More information coming as Gathering Ashes wraps its final editing pass and goes off to the publisher.

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