Introducing: POISON MOON

And for my last trick today, I’m going to make a little announcement: I am developing a video game.

Now I’ve been a fan of indie games for ages, and putting one together has always been a dream, but it wasn’t until after my son was born that I decided to take the leap (apparently, having children does weird things to your brain chemistry and convinces you that you can do awesome things you were terrified about before.)  POISON MOON was going to be my next novel, but with two novels already coming out in 2016, I thought, why not take the next story to an entirely different medium?  Thus was Poison Moon born.

Set in the distant future, POISON MOON takes place in a mining colony on the distant, lonely planet of Callum-427.  Owned by United Materials Corporation, the colony has seen cuts to budget, personnel and supply; those who live and work there face an increasingly desperate situation, causing many to turn to crime in order to improve their lot. Callum-427 is not a good place to live by any measure, but one night, it manages to get much, much worse.  A quarter of the population is transformed into a horde of screaming murderers, bleeding black ichor from their eyes and killing everyone they come across – all while screaming that they just want to talk to people.  In the space of just a few hours, the colony is turned into a cauldron of death and chaos.  One miner, Odell (or Odetta) Bettis, finds him/herself embroiled in the chaos…and with a group of unlikely allies, seeks to save as many of the colonists as they can while avoiding the so-called ‘Dosers’ and keeping the whole colony from being destroyed while trying to discover just what the hell has happened.

POISON MOON is a RPG of the classic style, recalling the fairly unhinged games coming out of Japan in the 80s and early 90s, particularly for the PC-88 and PC-98 computer systems – imagine if Squaresoft decided to make a game with John Carpenter and Philip K. Dick, and you’ll get a feel for what I’m talking about.  Combining elements of traditional JRPGs and survival horror games with a tactical combat system, Poison Moon will require players to battle through the blazing ruins of the Callum-427 colony while scrounging resources and making a variety of moral choices along the way – deciding who lives and who dies, the effects of those choices determining the ultimate fate of the characters and colony alike.  Poison Moon is also threaded with a rich and branching storyline, ensuring that no playthrough will be the same.  Dark and terrible, certainly, but never quite the same way through.

More information will come as the game proceeds – screenshots, art, and a development diary will spring up along the way.  I hope that you’ll take the journey with me and my team, and find yourself as enriched by it as we will undoubtedly become.

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Wonderland Cycle Complete In 2016

So today is a News Day, apparently.  I wanted to let you fans of the Wonderland Cycle know that 2016 is the year where all your freakin’ dreams come true.  There will be not one, but TWO Wonderland books released next year – Gathering Ashes (vol. 3) will be out in January, while The Disfigured City (vol. 4) will wrap up the year with a December release.  So you can start and end the year in a shower of blood and neon and alien cyborg horror!  Hurray!  As we approach publication date, I will probably bug the shit out of you all with interviews and other information – including promo stuff, worldbuilding details, little things for you guys, and a subscriber program that will pile on extras for you hardest fans – but I anticipate that you will enjoy it.

More information coming as Gathering Ashes wraps its final editing pass and goes off to the publisher.

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So Hello, I Am A Father.

It’s been seven weeks or so since I’ve posted last, and this is the reason.

Our son was born on July 9 – which pretty much means I’ve ceased to exist (save for regular tumblr image posts or Facebook post) for the last seven weeks.  Sorry about that, those of you who read this instead of following me there.  He is a giant child.  I expect that he will tower over all things and destroy the city.  Basically what I’m saying is that I anticipate that when he starts walking, every day will be an episode of Shingeki no Kyojin.  Or would that be Shingeki no Babby?  I dunno.

I don’t really anticipate talking about the boy on the blog, mostly because I’ve seen that go badly for a lot of people – I’ll talk about him from time to time, especially if he does hilarious things, but I don’t intend to make this the Rory Shean Show.  Also because you’re not here to read about babies, you’re here to read about books and whatever.  Unless I’m wrong, and you can tell me all about that.

Seriously, though.  Fatherhood is fucking awesome.

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