Things I Have Survived Since 1978:

  • Nearly dying in the hospital as a child
  • Two attempted murders
  • Three violent assaults
  • Four muggings
  • The age of boy bands
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Writing four novels

And they haven’t gotten me yet. Goodbye, thirty-five. Bring on thirty-six. Violent resistance against terminal existence every day.

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Oh god all caps.

A REMINDER FOR READERS. I will be at the Baltimore Book Festival
this Saturday, selling books, signing books, being dumb. Not
necessarily in that order. You can find me at the Curiosity Quills
space in Mckeldin Square, all day, either at the booths (M14 + M15) or
wandering around being social. Come out and say hello!

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The State Of The Shean

Hi folks! As you can see, I’m getting back into posting content here on the main website – I’m usually updating on Facebook and Tumblr, as that is where the majority of reader attention seems to be, but I’m planning a few things around here that should change that. So without further ado, The State Of The Shean:

  • The biggest news this year has been that all of my current novels have been transcribed into audiobook format by Amazon/Audible. They’re also Whispersync books, meaning you can switch back and forth between audio and ebook formats with your kindle, and that’s pretty goddamned awesome. I was largely really pleased with the performance, and I think readers will like them.

  • Work proceeds apace on the last novel of the Wonderland Cycle. It’s been almost two years since I completed a book, and over a year since Redeye was published; you’ve all been so very patient, and I want you to know how much I appreciate that. Things here at Castle Sheanenstein have been crazy as hell, in ways I cannot begin to discuss, and it’s done a number on my productivity. But! Given that things are much calmer now, I’ve been able to make massive headway in making up the deficit, and I think you’re going to love the result. It’s amazing to me where this book has taken the Wonderland characters – Seattle, sure, but also Los Angeles, Mexico, an orbital station, and yes, even Wonderland itself. I’m really looking forward to finishing the trilogy; it’s been a labor of love for me over the last three years, and good lord, this is a large book. It goes in depth about the Yathi and their history as things explode in the background, and you may find that the Yathi colonists are not quite so monolithic beneath the leadership of the Mother of Systems as you’ve been led to believe in the past. There are new faces, old friends, darkness and brutality – but ultimately, the story will come to an end with plenty of room for more. My way of thanking you folks for your constance and support as things have proceeded.

  • What’s next on the horizon? Well, I’ll be announcing a new project when I’m done with this one, something totally different from what you’re used to – not science fiction, but urban fantasy. Still dark, still terrible, and of course, full of interesting characters. A potential series! Beyond that I have something like ten projects already outlined and ready to be written, so I won’t be running out of work to do anytime soon.

  • It’s just been confirmed that I’ll be coming to the Baltimore Book Festival this month! If you’re in the area, I’ll be up on Saturday the 26th at the CQ booth, and possibly the 27th as well. Visitors will be able to get hard copies of my books, signed by yours truly, as well as some slick swag designed and produced by yours truly. There might also be a drawing as well, though the jury’s still out on that. At any rate, if you’re near the area and you’d like to come down and say hello, as well as meet my fellow CQ authors and get yourself some gear, by all means, come on by. I’m looking forward to seeing you!

There you have it! If you’re interested in checking in about the topics discussed here, or if you have questions concerning the festival, please let me know. I always love to hear from you, so please, feel free to fire away with questions, comments or concerns here or at my email address,

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